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To all English reading visitors: First of all thank you for visiting this web page. Pls apologise mistakes. This page was created to help foreigners in understanding of materials posted here. Other pages are not translated from Czech language into English. Sorry but if you have any question, pls don't hesitate and send me an email. As well you can use web dictionary between Czech and English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

zpátky na moravu

vlk's modeller workshop: materials for aircraft construction, paints, electromotors and gearboxes, battery discharger, software, ...
vlk's page for beginners: what is necessary to know before take-off

IGRA Racek

original plans 1M zip

more is here

IGRA Artur

original plans 2,4M zip (it is 20 × A4)

more is here

P&C Skylark 3000

RC plane for beginners, which is in fact not suitable for beginners. But RC equipment can be re-used
in other models - ships, but as well in steady planes like is Ticholet.

more is here


zip 300kB steady plane very suitable for beginners as very first one
(plan shows original version with shorter nose, it is recommended to extend nose of about 20mm)
"polystyrene" high-wing monoplane, span 1000mm, 310g take-off weight, wing area 23dm2
Ticholet fits to newtrainer2axis model in EasyFly simulator


Micro-Models - Extra300 "en dépron sont issues d'une plaque de 3 mm" very nice documentation
Radek Skočdopole - Extra 400 (see picture) nicknamed "windfall". Only wing and tail remained not destroyed
Slow-flyer - three plastic versions of Extry 330S, RC Groups - Extra 300S "foamy"

Drenalyn 500mm

Looks like cover of WC. It can be built in 5 hours. Perfect flyer, but must be a bit controlled.
It was throw away into trash container after more then one year long service .
But this plane can be recommended to everybody.
details here

Pete (modified)

Pylon racer was equipped with landing gear and different wing.

more here

BEAMbots of class Squirmer and Roller

Solarbotics.net fundamentals of BEAMbotics, schema of used electric part, zener diode is replaced by blinking LED

ABC article about BEAMbots. Be careful about mistakes, there is lot of them. But it is in Czech language.
Squirmer: video photo Roller: video photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6
pdf catalogue sheet of used motor gained from CD player


Experimental hovercraft built within two evenings.
more here
full description published in RC Modely 11/07

glider Pibros

English original instructions here.
German motorised version here. Polish version here. Czech version here. And another is stored here
So I think that Swedish version was skipped ...

more here


Albatros DVa

Web links: 1 2 3 4 5 ... it is enough for now.

more here

Lazy Bee

Classical monster slowflyer of easy construction described in RCR 5/2004.
Clicking into picture starts short video (3MB).

more here



Acrobatic slowflypolystyreneshocktypeflatwingplane with 3D fuselage powered by brushless motor.
more here



Experimental biplane built using "no rocket science" method in four evenings.
Designed by enlarging of throwing plane, which was invented couple of years before during drinking of sly grog.
span = 700mm, 3mm and 4mm polystyrene, sheet wing, brushless with 3LiPol, carbon.
more here


Reichard Modelsport Svist

Model of electric glider with 2760mm span.
more here

nová kamufláž


Easy to fly WWII plane of simple depron construction, powered by P100A - 50W at 2SLiPol (unit has 100W at 3S)
more here



Fast patrol boat, under construction now, but after succesfull maiden cruise. Motor was equipped with water cooling.
more here
full description published in RC Modely 7/08


Antonov AN-2 "Colt" in scale 1:20 after maiden flight.
some photos and construction notes in Czech language can be found here

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published in RC Modely TOPlist